Daily Photos: July 11-15


July 11: Lucas is an early riser. I would love to start an early morning routine for myself before anyone else wakes up, but he always beats me to it. It takes me a bit to function after waking and so he sometimes will will watch PBSkids while I wake or shower. I’ve awakened many times to the quiet question, “Mama, can I watch your ipad?” He only remains sweet and quiet if the answer is yes. When I say no, we start our day with a tantrum. I keep reminding myself that this will all phase out again at some point. The silver lining (or at least I try to see it this way) is that he is helping me to wake earlier so that once he sleeps a bit longer, I can have this time to myself.


July 12: We had crazy rain the night before. Possibly 4-5 inches of rain on top of an already saturated water table equals water in the basement. 



July 13: First full day of the Red Wing Roots Music Festival. 


July 14: More Red Wing Roots Fest fun. Uncle Adam and Aunt Sarah brought a pinata for the kids. 

ImageJuly 15: Morning baths after a fun weekend of camping at the festival. Lucas on day 4 of fevers. 😦 He doesn’t actually slow down though unless its higher than 102. 





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