Daily Photos: July 21-15

2013 Daily Photo_July-21July 21: Lucas

2013 Daily Photo_July-22July 22: Lya

2013 Daily Photo_July-23a 2013 Daily Photo_July-23b 2013 Daily Photo_July-23cJuly 23: My parents took the kids fishing. Just as I showed up (with my camera) the skies opened up and so I retreated to the pavilion to wait out the downpour. In those few short minutes, Lucas caught an eel. And moments after I returned, Lya caught the only fish of the day. Both kids love fishing, but Lya has the patience to sit for hours.

2013 Daily Photo_July-24

July 24: I have always loved the light that pours in the front door at the cottage. Along with marking their heights on the door frame, I always try to get a few portraits inside the door when we visit.

2013 Daily Photo_July-25July 25: We had a full day of traveling to see the ones we love. We spent the day with Emily and her girls. Mid-afternoon we headed to Philly to meet our newest little nephew/cousin.





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