Home again!

We arrived back at house in Virginia yesterday afternoon. Oh my, does it feel good to be home! We are returning to a house that is very much not really ready for us. It is covered in demo and dry-wall dust, there is no kitchen, floors to be installed, more painting to be done, no front porch or steps….BUT, we love it and it feels great to be here. And a lot is going to happen in the next few weeks. I will have some pictures soon.

About a week and a half ago my laptop died. I have had two batteries and three cords over the last six years and this final cord is only 8 months old.  It had been working wonderfully the first half of the trip and I was thrilled that it was performing like it had not in years. But, alas, I got cut short in editing. Now I am trying to decide if I borrow someone’s cord to make sure it isn’t the cord-connect causing me issues and power it up before ordering yet another cord. Meanwhile, I did a lot of lightroom work on that laptop and my edits are all but gone. (I do have the web-sized files I created for the blog and the original raw files.) Ugh. Pain in my ass. That is all.

This week: move into our closet, get Lya ready to begin Kindergarten next week (!!!), painting, base cabinets installed in kitchen (and possibly uppers, too), appliances arrive, new front porch and stairs, finish up back patio, measure/order countertops. Phew. Its going to be a good week!


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