Daily Photos: July 27-31

2013 Daily Photo_July-27a

2013 Daily Photo_July-27b

2013 Daily Photo_July-27c

2013 Daily Photo_July-27d

2013 Daily Photo_July-27e

2013 Daily Photo_July-27fJuly 27: We spent the evening at the county fair. We all road the ferris wheel and carousel. The kids and Nick also road the tea cups. Spinny, spinny, spin-about…no thanks! We also won two goldfish with the ping pong ball toss. We had a family bucket and Lucas and I both made it into a fishbowl. Fun times!

2013 Daily Photo_July-28July 28: Such a nice view from the porch.

2013 Daily Photo_July-29a 2013 Daily Photo_July-29b 2013 Daily Photo_July-29c 2013 Daily Photo_July-29d 2013 Daily Photo_July-29e 2013 Daily Photo_July-29f 2013 Daily Photo_July-29gJuly 29th: Nick was with us for the weekend. We spent a lot of time swimming and the kids loved showing off their jumping. Lucas then turned the basin into a bathtub in the outdoor shower.

2013 Daily Photo_July-30a 2013 Daily Photo_July-30bJuly 30: We brought our own bikes along, but of course the monster trike is first choice.

2013 Daily Photo_July-31a 2013 Daily Photo_July-31b 2013 Daily Photo_July-31c 2013 Daily Photo_July-31d 2013 Daily Photo_July-31eJuly 31: After splashing around the sandbar for a while, we returned to the cottage and found a paddling of ducks wandering around. They were clearly someone’s ducks. Their wings were clipped and they were not afraid of people.

And, with a few hours left in the month, I managed to get my fam4 picture for July. (The goal is to take a full family shot each month of 2013.) Sometimes they are winners. Sometimes they are not. I’m just happy to have them. I look so tired!


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