Daily Photos: August 1-5

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-1August 1: Over the course of the last few months, my kids have gotten the idea that we eat dessert every night. Do you do this? I would like to think we won’t continue, but regardless, the question comes nearly every night during dinner. (Sometimes before.) And on many occasions, desserts are sitting around ready to be eaten or tossed. Over the winter we had holiday after birthday after holiday after birthday and so the flow of sweets never seemed to end. Then it was summer and well…its summer and there is almost always ice cream and other treats from the neighbors at the bay.  I generally try to stand by the idea that if you’re too full to finish dinner, you obviously would not have room for dessert. I am ready to have my own kitchen again! And then maybe I can make “sweets” that meet my standards and secretly sneak in some healthy goodness.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-2August 2: Lucas’ bunk was right under the window. The blinds kept out most of the light which was fantastic for sleep-related stuff. But often while we were laying down before nap, he’d pull the blind back for another peek outside and beautiful light would seep in.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-3a 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-3b 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-3c 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-3d 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-3e 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-3f 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-3g 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-3h

 August 3: My whole family spent the day together celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday. My nephew also celebrated his 6th birthday two days earlier.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-4a 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-4b 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-4cAugust 4: Lucas feels everything in a big way. In this little animation, we were up early sitting on the porch eating breakfast. Nick was humming a tune, and Lucas closed his eyes and danced quietly along. (Double click on the image if you cannot see the animation.)

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-5a 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-5b 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-5c 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-5d 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-5e 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-5f 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-5gAugust 5: We have been playing A LOT of baseball. Often I am the pitcher and I always wish I could simultaneously pitch and photograph from that spot. (Yes, I have tried.) This evening I had my mom pitch while I sat at her feet taking pictures. On another baseball related note, Lya has been saying that she needs a sister because she has nothing to do when we all play baseball. This is proof that she can have just as much fun as the rest of us!






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