Daily Photos: Aug 6-10

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-6 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-6bAugust 6: Lucas loves making faces right now. Mean, aggressive faces are his specialty.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-7a 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-7b 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-7c 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-7dAugust 7: On our last morning at the bay, we visited a small regional zoo. Always lots of fun, and usually just a bit sad, as well.

One of my very very favorite moments of the summer happened this morning though. At this particular zoo, there are many peacocks roaming around and if you didn’t know, peacocks have a very loud cry. When one starts, the others join in and so you have a chorus of calls coming from many directions at once. I hadn’t really ever thought about what sound a peacock makes until this day, but it will never be forgotten again.

As we were near this particular peacock, it called out, and as the others began with their responses, Lucas came running, very alarmed. “Mama! Mama!” he said as he pulled on my hand, “Someone needs help!” It was then that I heard their call distinctly. It sounded like someone calling out in distress yelling “help!” It was so sweet. Lucas had no idea why we were laughing and I was smothering him in kisses. He had come to get help.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-8August 8: Love this trio! And the rest of their beautiful family.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-9August 9: For the second year in a row, we found a few swallowtail caterpillars on the parsley. Last years were late enough to go into diapause over the winter and emerge from their cocoons the week we moved into the new house. This year, with an earlier start, I imagine we’ll see the transformation unfold within a few weeks.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-10August 10: The day we return home! I snapped this quick self portrait in the mirror inside my parents’ front door. Thinking I’d likely delete, I came to love the image while editing. I love the familiarity of certain details: a hang nail, the lines around my mouth, the softness beneath my chin. And then a few made me laugh. So often I find I’m wearing a hair tie on my wrist when my hair is already pulled back. Yet I know that if it wasn’t pulled back, I’d be hard pressed to find one anywhere.

Photoshop froze up on me for a little bit while I worked on this image. And in that time, I noticed how the frame is cropped just below my left eye. The light hits my face in a way that illuminates my lower eye lashes creating the look of a thin scar of stitches across the space that would have been my eye. When I look at this picture, I feel like I have a decent idea of what I’d look like with only one eye. This realization made me love it more.


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