Daily Photos: Aug 11-15

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-11a 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-11b 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-11c 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-11d 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-11e 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-11f 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-11g 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-11hAugust 11: Our first full day home. We took the kids to Riven Rock for the morning to hike some and splash in the creek.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-12August 12: My niece, Aliza. Cuter by the day.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-13August 13: The base cabinets are installed. We’re getting closer…but we still have a couple of weeks of not quite being settled to go.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-14a 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-14bAugust 14: Some dear friends moved back to the area just before we did. And then they had a baby. This afternoon I managed to sneak away and have a few quite moments to visit and love on this sweet boy. I’m completely in love with this picture above of Melissa and Emerson.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-15a 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-15bAugust 15: Dress up. We are still mostly confined to the upstairs this week while contractors put together the pieces of the first floor.


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