Daily Photos: August 16-20

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-16August 16: We place a piece of OSB on the island to get a feel of where the corner will fall (and how often they will meet our hips). It was the best decision because now we can start to pseudo-use our kitchen. Still with paper plates and frozen waffles…

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-17August 17: At the same time as the inside transformation is taking place, we began the outside. First up with the front porch. We replaced the broken brick and flagstone with stamped concrete. The kids love climbing on the pile of rubble in the back yard.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-18a 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-18bAugust 18: We move into our closet upstairs and back into the dining room downstairs. Ahh. Baby steps that feel gigantic.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-19August 19: This is happening a bit too often while we shuffle around and wait some more. PBSkids has helped us out a few times.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-20a2013 Daily Photo_Aug-20b2013 Daily Photo_Aug-20c

August 20: Lya’s first day of Kindergarten. She has been talking about Kindergarten since May 2012 when the older kids graduated from Mary’s Montessori and talked about heading off to Kindergarten. She has never wavered in her excitement and so I needed to keep my own nervousness hidden. She loved it! Day 1 started and ended with a smile.






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