Daily Photos: August 26-31

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-26a 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-26b 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-26cAugust 26: Erin and I ran up to Big Meadows to pick up a wedding present for Adam and Sarah. These two cuties came along.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-27

August 27: For the last 4-5 months, I often have to wake Lucas from his afternoon nap. It is ridiculously hard to get him to slow down enough to fall asleep, but once he does, he’ll sleep for hours. I almost always have to wake him to make it to the bus stop to meet Lya these days. He’s often still waking up.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-28August 29: Our first swallowtail butterfly hatched.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-30a 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-30b 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-30cAugust 30: After school raid of the candy stash.

2013 Daily Photo_Aug-31a 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-31b 2013 Daily Photo_Aug-31cAugust 31: With Lya in full day Kindergarten, I am not taking as many pictures of my girl lately. She is definitely growing and changing. And it is awesome to see her so excited by school and new friends.


2 thoughts on “Daily Photos: August 26-31

    1. Ah, thanks, Christine. How are you feeling? I’m hoping things have gotten better the last week or so.

      Also, someday I want to pick your brain on photography forums and classes. Have you done any other than Clickin Moms? I LOVE the magazine and I am thinking maybe I need to look into the forum more again. I would really like to take a class, too. I feel like editing, specifically color casts, skin, etc. would be helpful.

      Hope yo’ure well. Becky

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