Daily Photos: Sept 1-10

2013 Daily Photo_Sept-1September 1: A day of celebration! We spent the morning in church for my mom’s last sermon before retiring. The afternoon was with Nick’s family at a reception for Adam and Sarah. I didn’t take many pictures, but I was happy Lya wanted to steal away for a few minutes in the corn maze.

2013 Daily Photo_Sept-2September 2: Exterior prep for painting begins!

2013 Daily Photo_Sept-3


September 3: We begin to move back into the kitchen! Before that can really happy though, there is a ton of unpacking and washing to be done.

2013 Daily Photo_Sept-4September 4: For the most part, I am feeling very uninspired with photography since returning home last month. As we get near the end of our summer renovations, my energy is gone and with it all creativity. Or rather, any remaining creativity is going into the final house decisions. This was a quick photo grab while editing and realizing that I hadn’t yet used my camera this day. Also, the state of my desk: stacks and wires.

2013 Daily Photo_Sept-5a 2013 Daily Photo_Sept-5b 2013 Daily Photo_Sept-5cSeptember 5: Early morning light in our bedroom. Lucas often sneaks quietly into our room sometime late morning (if not sooner). It is a rare morning that I have the opportunity to get out of bed and get the day started slowly on my own before anyone else is awake (other than Nick who has usually left much earlier). My personal desire would be to start each morning this way. And we followed it up with a play date with friends.

2013 Daily Photo_Sept-6a 2013 Daily Photo_Sept-6b 2013 Daily Photo_Sept-6c

September 6: Lucas’ first day of preschool! He loved it, of course. The only disappointment was not getting to ride the bus with Lya.

2013 Daily Photo_Sept-7September 7: One of my favorite house features. Below the slot is a shoot that ends at a small door on the inside. Such a fun way to get the mail. Although, we do need to address the fact that without any roof overhang, rain becomes an issue if any mail is too large to fit and have the flap shut completely. Another minor detail to figure out…

2013 Daily Photo_Sept-8September 8: The making of a family room.

2013 Daily Photo_Sept-9September 9: The brick is primed and the trim has a first coat. Its looking better!

2013 Daily Photo_Sept-10


September 10: We finally lowered the seat on the skuut bike and now it works for Lucas. This is his first ride to the bus stop and out of the grass or driveway.









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