It was one of those parenting mornings. (sigh)

So, instead of jumping back into cleaning, I used naptime to frame some prints that arrived today. It has been so long since I’ve gotten anything printed and I have never gone this large. (Still not very large at 16×20.) Woah boy, I need to be printing more often. Things I missed in beloved images are glaring at that size. I still love the picture, but a brilliant piece of dust or large bruise…these things could have been corrected. Also, a few that “looked” sharp on the screen were clearly not in print. In fact, I may go back and double check that it wasn’t a printing error. The one looks crazily off which surely I would have noticed. 

I am exhausted. It was a long long morning, following a long week, after a long month, at the end of a busy summer, and rounded off FULL YEAR OF TRANSITION. And my brain is fried. There may have been some tears. (Thanks, Jess, for listening!) It was this week last year that Nick began interviewing for his new job and our plans began. We are still not fully unpacked and truly in this new house. There are times I am cleaning when I think, “Hmm…I don’t know if I have cleaned this corner before. How old IS this dirt?!” As I type, I hear contractors outside working on the exterior. It is going to end soon…and the cool days of fall and winter will arrive timely as we finally slow down. But it doesn’t begin this week. Or even any time in the next month. But soon.

Tonight I have back to school night for Lya and I am not quite sure how to pull that off solo with my little strong-willed, energy ball tagging along. Also, guests begin arriving tonight for a week long stretch and I still have so much to do… Some of it may just have to spill into tomorrow. 




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  1. I can’t wait to read the post that says, work done, all unpacked! What a long, long, long year you have had. But what a wonderful place you have landed. Xo

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