Daily Photos: September 25-30

2013 Daily Photo_September-25September 25: Many times I’ve been told how nice it will be with a boy who does not care what he wears. Um, no. This one cares. A lot. This evening the pjs were all wrong.

2013 Daily Photo_September-26September 26: These two, out front, in the harsh afternoon light, not cooperating at all. Finding that sometime this works out better anyway.

2013 Daily Photo_September-27


September 27: Finally all together to celebrate Lya’s 5th family day (Sept24). Oh man, do Nick and I look tired, or what?! It’s where we are at these days. Might as well own that. We were to leave for a weekend in NC but opted last minute to wait until morning. A family day celebration was definitely in order.

2013 Daily Photo_September-28a 2013 Daily Photo_September-28b 2013 Daily Photo_September-28c 2013 Daily Photo_September-28dSeptember 28: I cried a lot when we arrived. I missed our “finished” home and I was devastated by how abandoned it looked after a long rainy summer. But, it was so good to be there again and these two little ones loved running around, remembering it all.

2013 Daily Photo_September-29a 2013 Daily Photo_September-29bSeptember 29: We stayed at my cousin’s house while they were out of town and we enjoyed the many toys they left behind. This was the obvious favorite.

2013 Daily Photo_September-30September 30: Lucas made this at school. I forgot to take any pictures this day and so I cheated and grabbed a shot of this Sept 30 project on Oct 1.






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