Daily Photos: October 1-11

2013 Daily Photo_October-1b 2013 Daily Photo_October-1aOctober 1: Lucas has really taken to climbing the tree in our backyard. And I’m eager to start back in on a quilting project. Something about the cooler weather makes me eager to make some blankets.

2013 Daily Photo_October-2October 2: We now have all of our cabinet doors. And we love it. Although, we’ve recently made the decision to repaint the walls. The color comes off a bit more the shade of unpainted drywall that soft gray. So, at some point we’ll warm that up a bit. For now though, just a bit more trim work and we’ll call it done. Before and After coming soon!

2013 Daily Photo_October-3

October 3: My slow waker.

2013 Daily Photo_October-4October 4: New potted plants on the window sill in the kitchen. I grabbed these chicks and hens from our flower beds in NC. The pots are mugs that we got as a wedding gift. While we rarely used them for drinks, I wasn’t ready to let them go.

2013 Daily Photo_October-5October 5: Early morning conversations. We were up early to head north for another friend wedding. What strikes me about this picture though are the conflicting clock times. Nick’s says 6:49 and mine, 7:01. A while back I bought a clock that sets automatically via satellite. It is ALWAYS significantly ahead of all other clocks, including cell phones and computers. Nick’s has the opposite problem and over time loses minutes, making the spread even larger. Any recalls of what time something happened in the night (two kids) is often comical as we argue undeniably two separate incorrect times.

2013 Daily Photo_October-6October 6: This guy love to talk.

2013 Daily Photo_October-7October 7: We put some energy into Lya’s room this week. For so long it just has felt wrong. Add to that the fact that Lya is not a clean child and the space always felt like a disaster. I’ve come to think of it as a leggy plant. So much potential, but just not really attractive at all.  She has many alcoves in her room and it was just too much space. One alcove divides her room from Lucas’ with a door on his side only. We decided to hang curtains on her side and make the space a neutral play space for them to share instead of just part of Lya’s room. It holds a cabinet of art supplies and games, as well as the train table. So far, the space shift seems to be working for both of them.

2013 Daily Photo_October-8

October 8: When I became gluten-free last fall, I had to give up my stand-by peanut sauce recipe that included Hoisen sauce. This summer, my sister-in-law introduced me to this Thai Peanut Sauce recipe and we’ve had a stash in the fridge ever since. It is great with roasted veggies and tofu over rice. 

2013 Daily Photo_October-9October 9: Another of Lya’s bedroom alcoves. She has two knee-wall closets, one is finished and the other is not. We decided to paint the finished one for her to have a little club house in her room. Of course, she got to help with the painting!

2013 Daily Photo_October-10a 2013 Daily Photo_October-10bOctober 10: Day two of painting in Lya’s room. Lucas also helped. They were very excited and definitely needed baths.

2013 Daily Photo_October-11a 2013 Daily Photo_October-11b 2013 Daily Photo_October-11cOctober 11: Self portraits. There have been so many days that I’ve kept up with my daily photos by snapping only 2 or 3 shots at the last minute. I can’t say I’ve been very enthused by the low-light, repetitive scene, or technical difficulties. This was one of those days that I was editing in the evening only to realize I hadn’t taken any pictures during the day. I grabbed my camera and walked around the corner to the upstairs bathroom mirror. In the end, the shots ended up being kind of fun.


One thought on “Daily Photos: October 1-11

  1. I love.love.love.love your home and am so glad I got to enjoy it. And remember what Anna said ‘lya has thee best room of any of my friends and I have a lot of friends!” That kid. Love the daily shots.

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