Daily Photos: October 13-19

2013 Daily Photo_October-13a 2013 Daily Photo_October-13b 2013 Daily Photo_October-13c 2013 Daily Photo_October-13dOctober 13: With the government shutdown, Nick’s daily work changed. As did his location. We were so fortunate that he had work the entire time, and every more happy that it meant he could work from home for the near 3 wks. We all enjoyed the unhurried space it afforded together again.

2013 Daily Photo_October-14October 14: We inherited the piano Nick used growing up. Erin and Chris got a new one that better suits their needs and now we have the piano that Lucas beat with a stick earlier this summer.

2013 Daily Photo_October-16a 2013 Daily Photo_October-16b

October 16: An evening with a sick boy and a little house work.

2013 Daily Photo_October-17October 17: This little guy is getting big. This week he has been making his own cinnamon toast.

2013 Daily Photo_October-18a 2013 Daily Photo_October-18b 2013 Daily Photo_October-18c 2013 Daily Photo_October-18d


October 18: One of the best things about our new home in the neighbors. And lucky for Lya it means a easy play dates and a friend in the new world of kindergarten.

2013 Daily Photo_October-19October 19: Lucas has had some great one liners lately. One night, after we had said goodnight, he brought me the book “Panda Bear, Panda Bear” and said, “Mama, I have looked and looked and looked and I can not find the cat!” I clarified that he was looking for the purple cat and then responded, “Oh, I think it is in the other book.” (Brown Bear, Brown Bear.) He smiled and said, “Oh Becky, you’re so wise!” and then he left to go find the book.







One thought on “Daily Photos: October 13-19

  1. I was going to comment on the beauty of your photos and the continuity of your lighting and processing. Then I got to Lucas’s one liner and laughed out loud. That was awesome.

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