Daily Photos: Oct 20-23

2013 Daily Photo_October-20aOctober 20: A gorgeous fall day.

2013 Daily Photo_October-21a 2013 Daily Photo_October-21b 2013 Daily Photo_October-21c 2013 Daily Photo_October-21d 2013 Daily Photo_October-21e 2013 Daily Photo_October-21f 2013 Daily Photo_October-21g 2013 Daily Photo_October-21h

October 21: The evening light is so beautiful right now. This clown was happy to grab the small trampoline and head outside while dinner was cooking.

2013 Daily Photo_October-22a 2013 Daily Photo_October-22bOctober 22: Lucas loves this mask that I made for him. Recently he’s been insisting on wearing it to bed.

2013 Daily Photo_October-23a 2013 Daily Photo_October-23b 2013 Daily Photo_October-23c 2013 Daily Photo_October-23d 2013 Daily Photo_October-23eOctober 23: We took a spontaneous post-dinner walk for icecream this evening. It was quite cold out, but the ice cream was still delicious.


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