Daily Photos: October 24-28

2013 Daily Photo_October-24a 2013 Daily Photo_October-24bOctober 24: Lya had her first school performance tonight. Somehow we didn’t get the message it was happening outside of Lya mentioning it randomly a few times. When she talked of it the evening before at dinner, I thought that I better call the school first thing in the morning to check. Sure enough… We didn’t quite get all of the info, but we were there and she was so excited.

2013 Daily Photo_October-25a 2013 Daily Photo_October-25bOctober 25: A fun package arrived today. Seashells sent from Nana and Papa’s trip to Florida.

2013 Daily Photo_October-26a 2013 Daily Photo_October-26b 2013 Daily Photo_October-26cOctober 26: Herrs and Fishers joined us for an evening of pumpkin carving, fall soup, and spiced wine.

2013 Daily Photo_October-28a 2013 Daily Photo_October-28b 2013 Daily Photo_October-28c 2013 Daily Photo_October-28d 2013 Daily Photo_October-28e 2013 Daily Photo_October-28f 2013 Daily Photo_October-28g 2013 Daily Photo_October-28h 2013 Daily Photo_October-28i 2013 Daily Photo_October-28jOctober 28: Both Lya and EV had a day off school, so we had a playdate. And check out that littlest brother’s blue eyes. Love.



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