Daily Photos: November 1-11

2013 Daily Photo_November-1

November 1: One calm moment in the day. The mix of sugar withdrawal and candy demand made for an insane day. By 9am I was already watching the clock and swearing off all future sugar possibilities.

2013 Daily Photo_November-2a 2013 Daily Photo_November-2b 2013 Daily Photo_November-2c 2013 Daily Photo_November-2d 2013 Daily Photo_November-2e 2013 Daily Photo_November-2f 2013 Daily Photo_November-2g

November 2: We made a quick stop at the arboretum to confirm the fall leaves were still hanging on the trees and to feed the ducks. I returned later, solo, for a photo shoot.

2013 Daily Photo_November-3November 3: We are slowly add shelving into my office and today I unpacked my antique cameras. I have about a dozen, and a few even take accessible film. I am in the process of learning and shooting to determine which may still be usable. Here are a few (none of which fall into the accessible film category). The one of the far right was a high school graduation gift from my grandmother. She had received it from her parents for her own high school graduation.

2013 Daily Photo_November-4

November 4: House projects continue. And so does access to tools. We hung curtains in the family room tonight.

2013 Daily Photo_November-5a 2013 Daily Photo_November-5b 2013 Daily Photo_November-5cNovember 5: Lya was home for parent/teacher conferences. We visited the library and she picked out a new stack of fairy books to borrow. Lya loves to visit the public library and library remains one of her favorite classes at school.

2013 Daily Photo_November-6November 6: Lucas requested quiet time in place of a nap. And then he played with every toy in his room.

2013 Daily Photo_November-7a 2013 Daily Photo_November-7bNovember 7: Portraits in my office light. I’m really drawn to negative space right now.

2013 Daily Photo_November-8a 2013 Daily Photo_November-8bNovember 8: Nick’s youngest brother was coming through town and so we planned a last minute sibling dinner and ordered in pizzas.

2013 Daily Photo_November-9November 9: We drove to NC to meet our renters and celebrate a friends’ 40th birthday. The kids were thrilled to see Jess, Todd, Jack and Ben. When we arrived, Jack was asleep and Lucas was quickly left out of Ben and Lya’s activities. Jess pulled out the plus-plus pieces and Lucas reluctantly enjoyed staying inside for a while.

2013 Daily Photo_November-10a 2013 Daily Photo_November-10b

November 10: We stayed at a neighbors house overnight. When we awoke, Lucas looked around really confused and then said, “I have an idea. I can make this home my home.”

2013 Daily Photo_November-11

November 11: Home again. Lucas loves to take baths.


One thought on “Daily Photos: November 1-11

  1. Amazing series… especially the old cameras! I have a few here too that have been passed down. They make me smile. I’m so jealous not only of these images, but of the fact that you have stayed current. How?! I’m still in June! Sigh…

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