Daily Photos: November 12-25

2013 Daily Photo_November-12


November 12: After seven months of being in the new house, I finally have started to unpack some of the boxes from my old studio space. Nick added shelves into the closet and slowly things are finding a home. I seriously don’t know what to call my space anymore. Studio? Office? My room? I don’t know.

2013 Daily Photo_November-13

November 13: This picture reminds me of a conversation Lucas had with our friend, Chris, a few weeks ago. Lucas was home with a very high fever and she came to check on him as the excellent nurse and friend she is. As she was allowing him to check out the high end thermometer, she asked, “Do you want to be a nurse or doctor when you grow up?” He pulled back, looking directly at her and replied, “I am a doctor.”

2013 Daily Photo_November-14a 2013 Daily Photo_November-14b


November 14: I am really digging sautéed mushrooms right now.

2013 Daily Photo_November-15November 15: When these two create a new game, its sure to be loud, but fun.

2013 Daily Photo_November-16November 16: Princess Lucas.

2013 Daily Photo_November-17November 17: The kitchen following a fun Thanksgiving evening with friends. We did not host, and so the only remaining evidence of the afternoon was the stacked casserole dishes to the left of the sink.

2013 Daily Photo_November-19November 19: We are back in Lancaster. After Guy’s horrible accident Sunday night, we came so I could be with Emily for a few days. I missed a few days of pictures, with the exception of a few that are not mine to share.

2013 Daily Photo_November-22November 22: Back at home. And Lucas’ planted pumpkin seed has sprouted.

2013 Daily Photo_November-23November 23: I read somewhere not long ago that the more interesting our life is, the more interesting our photography/art with be. November has been a month of busyness and low inspiration. Often I grab my camera in the last minutes of my day and capture what is in front of me. Food. Dark rooms. Sleepy eyes. All very grainy. With this particular picture, I’m reminded though of Lya’s enthusiasm around learning we’d have fries for dinner. Her response was, “Yes! But not those potato ones….” Sorry, love.

2013 Daily Photo_November-24November 24: I spray painted the legs of my old studio table and we moved it into my office/studio/my room today. It is wonderful having the surface space to set up and sew or spread out in general. Today I worked on our family room curtains. Can’t wait to be settled enough to finish up some of my waiting quilt projects.

2013 Daily Photo_November-2425

November 25: Lya’s room. After having loved Lya’s room her first four years, this new space still just makes me cringe. It’s coming together in some ways and in other ways it’s just time to let go and let her do the things to it that make her happy. Someday, we’ll fix the wall cracks, apply some fresh paint and the improvements with be drastic. For now, it is hers and it makes her happy.



One thought on “Daily Photos: November 12-25

  1. I’d like to order a print of Nov 22 sprouting pumpkin seed (for my new office!) Wonderful pictures again — love the one of Lucas peeping above the counter!

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