Daily Photos: November 26-30

2013 Daily Photo_November-26November 26: We started our Thanksgiving holiday off with an overnight visit from our NC family/friends. Someone recently said to me, “Cousins are like celebrities for kids.” As these four tore around the house THRILLED to be in each others’ presence, it was clear this stretches to 2nd cousins, as well.

2013 Daily Photo_November-27a 2013 Daily Photo_November-27b 2013 Daily Photo_November-27c


November 27: Nick’s family joined us for a day of celebration and Thanksgiving meal on Wednesday. With work schedules and other family plans, it made the most sense to spread the festivities so everyone could be apart of the big meal this year.

2013 Daily Photo_November-28a 2013 Daily Photo_November-28b 2013 Daily Photo_November-28c 2013 Daily Photo_November-28d


November 28: Thanksgiving day was beautiful. Those of still in town spent sometime hiking in a local park.

2013 Daily Photo_November-29November 19: These two spent (what felt like) hours playing “camp” happily together. Nick and I started in on some house projects…

2013 Daily Photo_November-30a 2013 Daily Photo_November-30bNovember 30: For the remainder of the holiday weekend we renovated the living room: repairing plaster and painting the walls and ceiling. As Nick tackled some of the messier aspects, the three of us worked on games and activities at the table.





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