Lucas Ryan | December 2013 (part2) & Plans for 2014

2013 Daily Photo_December-9 2013 Daily Photo_December-10 2013 Daily Photo_December-11 2013 Daily Photo_December-12 2013 Daily Photo_December-13 2013 Daily Photo_December-14 2013 Daily Photo_December-15 2013 Daily Photo_December-16 2013 Daily Photo_December-17 2013 Daily Photo_December-18 2013 Daily Photo_December-19 2013 Daily Photo_December-20 2013 Daily Photo_December-21 2013 Daily Photo_December-22 2013 Daily Photo_December-23 2013 Daily Photo_December-24 2013 Daily Photo_December-25 2013 Daily Photo_December-26 2013 Daily Photo_December-28 2013 Daily Photo_December-29 2013 Daily Photo_December-30 2013 Daily Photo_December-31

These are the final 2013 Daily photo pics and Lucas:December 2013 pics. I was SO happy to see 2014 arrive. This month was really hard for a number of reasons, however, seeing that reflected day after day in my photography was just obnoxious. I was really dragging near the end and found myself so annoyed with the constant low-light and bumped ISOs. The color is so jacked in most of these pictures and I’m just choosing to let go of perfection this time around. With about ten days left I was really unenthused about another 365 project and then I came across this post. I knew my answer. I would not be doing a 365 project in 2014. Instead, I am diving deeper into three areas that really interest me and I’ll see what happens. They do not need to be completed in 2014, but I do want to work on each and grow within the projects during 2014.

These are my three (loosely) defined projects for 2014

(1) A Day in the Life. I want to explore a lifestyle documentary approach to photography. I feel like I sometimes achieve it, but more often I get caught in my own head and the idea of putting myself out there as I shoot thwarts what I want to see happen. This year I will collect images of what resonates with me, read and study concepts and techniques, and work to break down the road blocks and allow this vision to grow.

(2) Macro. So fun. Christine, thanks for the inspiration to explore something I’ve always enjoyed so much! Pre-kids (and pre-digital) I photographed so much more than people. I have wanted to find enjoyment in that again but rarely felt much connection or did much with any of the images I have captured. I’m excited to learn and see what happens when I put my photography energy in a completely different space this year.

(3) Negative space. I love negative space and how it can open and enhance an image. I want to put together a body of work around this concept.

So there it is. I have not taken a single image in 2014 and the guiltlessness of this is awesome. I have however begun to pull some inspiration via my pinterest boards. I will work to track the projects here throughout the year.


One thought on “Lucas Ryan | December 2013 (part2) & Plans for 2014

  1. Why do we not live closer?! I would kill to sit down over tea and coffee and really discuss all of the above… we seem on very similar paths right now… (That said, I am doing a p365, cause, you know… my second son comes home this year. So, only fair… no?!)

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