Film and Frost

This past weekend, during the polar vortex, I had the opportunity to try out some of my old film gear and macro lenses. With the freezing temps, came freezing windows and a beauty that begged for some experimentation.

Last fall while unpacking my things, I came across nearly a dozen rolls of unshot film; a mix of color, b&w and even some 120. For the last several of months, it has been sitting in sight of my desk and peaking my curiosity. In November, I tested antique camera. Yay-no light leaks. Boo-nothing of interest. While my own film camera retired around the time the shutter stopped working 8 years ago, Nick had one as well, and lucky for me it still is functioning. I pulled it out and attached an old macro lens to see how it is working.

It felt oddly vulnerable to drop off a roll of film and have someone else see it first. I had to stop my self from justifying the quality of my capture….both as I dropped it off and as I picked it up. I was also reminded the photography is just an expensive hobby, however you go about it. I shot Color film, ISO 200. It is probably 8 years old and has been stored in all kinds of temps and humidities, so it had that additional aged grain feel.

Here are two from that first roll.

RJPlife2014_Jan11-1 RJPlife2014_Jan11-2Along side these images, I also used my dslr to test out the macro functions of my kit lens.

RJPlife_January11-4 RJPlife_January11-5 RJPlife_January11-6 RJPlife_January11-7 RJPlife_January11-8 RJPlife_January11-9

Other than these frosty images, I still haven’t pulled out my camera this year. I am enjoying this flow a bit more. I’m not saying I will not being taking pictures of my lovely littles this year, but for now, we’re all enjoying the break.

I ordered some prints last week and thought I’d share my plans to group these four on the living room wall. I finished framing them a few days ago and I look forward to hanging them later this weekend.

MocWallHappy Saturday!





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