April Family Project

Each April I take individual and family photos and then store them in a folder on my computer. Inspired by this family photo project, I began our own annual project a few years ago. I don’t think I’ve shared it before, or at least I couldn’t find the post if I have. Next week is our 11 year anniversary. Oh how I wish I had known about this in 2003! However, I began in 2011, the first April we were a family of four. The colors of this collage are a bit horrific (as are some of the shots), but it is really just about documenting us. And so here you have it.





AprilMugs2013-1 AprilMugs2014-1



3 thoughts on “April Family Project

  1. Love this so much! Great family shots and so wonderful to see the kids grow each year. my fav pic is of lya in 2011…so little!!

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