Spring Time



I am so happy that the days have gotten warmer again. So are these two. Last summer neighbors with college-aged kids handed down their play set to us. Most nice days it is where you’ll find my kids.

Spring has proven to be a very busy time of year with a 4 and 7 year old. Nearly every weeknight and weekend is full leaving very little time for the middle-of-the-week routines. It seems every Monday is spent wrapping up the weekend details and getting the new week started. And then suddenly it is Thursday and the week starts to wrap up so that Friday can be spent gearing up for weekend guests or travel. Most days I am wiped out by bedtime and not ready to wake up come 7am. It is all good stuff, but such a different pace from when the kids were younger and we lived further away from the majority of our friends and family. With only a few weeks of school left, summer will be here soon and I look forward to the warmer, lazier days that are coming!




This past Sunday was our 12th wedding anniversary. A few years ago, I was inspired by two other projects and began an annual mugshot & family picture collection to document our changes from year to year. I wish I had started it back in 2003 when we were married, but alas, it began Lucas’ first April. This is year five.



Photographically, this started out as just documentation and never was about perfection (thankfully). But, I couldn’t help myself and went back through each year and cleaned a few things up today. Five years in and already there are things I’d go back and change if that was an option. Oh well, someday I know I’ll just be happy I kept up the task, imperfections and all.



Lydia was born early in the new year and I became an aunt again. My second niece. Sickness has prevented us from seeing her as much as we would like–we’d hate to have her little body pick up any of the yuck we’ve had to fight this winter–but, I did manage to sneak over in the first two weeks and capture a few of those early days with my camera. I’m looking forward to spring for many reasons, one of which is getting to know this little sweetie a bit better.

RJPlife_Lydia-1 RJPlife_Lydia-2 RJPlife_Lydia-3 RJPlife_Lydia-4 RJPlife_Lydia-5 RJPlife_Lydia-6 RJPlife_Lydia-7

First Day of First Grade

firstgrade-1-2Lya began first grade this week. So far so good. She isn’t want to share much, but her excitement and energy show that she’s happy to be back at school and that it is going well. She is also thrilled to have her best friend in the same class this year. Doesn’t get much better than that.

FamilyJunePicture-1-2She has had one homework assignment so far. She needs to bring in a few pictures and objects that represent her, including a family photo. So, this is our most recent from June. Now I just hope our printer cooperates with printing this out for the “Me bag”…


Lya & Cole


There is something I love about this old metal swing set. It has endured decades of use. And given how much my kids are on it, it is often in my viewfinder, as well. In a few weeks, we will probably be saying goodbye to this trusty, rusty, climbing, swinging companion and upgrading to something much sturdier, safer and better located for our backyard use. In the meantime, I’ll happily continue to capture a few more images of a childhood summer.

I am currently considering a return to the daily photo routine. I quickly flipped through my July-Dec daily pictures from 2013 last week and felt a familiar tug toward the practice. I have captured so few images this year. So, while I figure out whether or not I am going to follow through and do this, I am doing it. If in the end I continue, I’ll have started again July 1st. If not, I have some nice images from mid-summer.