Lucas and I have taken a liking to watching youtube videos of Parkour. Here is his interpretation:


In coaching me on doing a headstand and pushing up into a handstand: “You’ve got to just get steady and then use your muscles.” Of course I do….


Looking back: September 2012


Although it was fall, this file of pictures from a hike made me want spring all the more. Tomorrow is supposed to be 64 and partly sunny. I feel inspired to make the most of it!



RJPlife_February7-1This guy turned 35 yesterday. He got home just in time for our little birthday party last night. The kids have changed quite a bit, but his happiness is just being with them has not.

The picture is from 2 years ago: Feb 10, 2012…I’m still file sorting.


Looking Back: March 23, 2012




This Girl. Love.

Both kids have had a stomach virus this week. We have been home for days. I took a break from 2011 to put together some photo books from 2012 for a buy1/get2 offer. It is so nice to look at work you’ve liked vs. just sorting through the images that should have been deleted long ago. These just make me happy.

Digital File Sorting

One of my current projects is sorting through three years worth of digital files. I should be finding the gems and separating those out, as well, but I’m mainly eliminating images I’ll never use and freeing up hard drive space. I may toss a few gems up here as I find them though.

I’m currently working on February 2011. Three months was such an adorable stage for Lucas. Here is one of my sleeping babe. Just look at these chubby fingers and eye lashes!