Daily Photos


This week I pulled out the sprinkler and a kiddie pool. It has been hot and these two love frolicking in the water.

On July first I made the decision to start back with daily camera use. The last six months have been a bit full and unsettled and setting aside one of the things I love best just wasn’t serving me very well. So as the second half of 2013 begins, I have made my camera more accessible. The other reason is that I have had some glitches with my 5D mark ii and after sending it in for repairs I was told they were unable to recreate the issues I faced.  I may have cried a few times that day. I am now determined to suss out all the issues during the 6 month period of warrantee on this repair. Daily use should help me out with that. So far, so good. I am hoping that somehow the cleaning and resetting solved the issues and it isn’t that I’ll have ongoing phantom issues that make my camera frustrating and unfixable.

Other than using the camera and taking a picture, this partial-year daily photo project is wide open. House projects, kids, or whatever other beauty and inspiration I find is fair game. I like the open-ended-ness of this and yet I’ve already discovered that I like having people before my lens. Oh the irony.  Back when I studied and then taught film photography, I never felt a connection to portraiture and often having people in my pictures took something away from it for me. Now its nearly the opposite. Age. Children. Life. Emotion. Whatever the reason, I’m happy with where I’m headed.

I’m not exactly sure what my posting plan is yet, but I do hope to post the pictures from each day. Possibly daily at times, while clumped together at others. I have decided though not to be limited to only one picture each day. I’ll let each capture determine how much I share from the day. 

So, that is my plan.

Meanwhile, we are heavily entrenched in decision making on this house. In one week the kids and I will skedaddle to the chesapeake bay and leave Nick to oversee the projects at home. The next week is full of paint chips, countertops, flooring, planning, packing, visiting with friends, and camping at a music festival. It is going to fly by.

What are your plans for July?