Chanticleer Garden

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Lya & Cole


There is something I love about this old metal swing set. It has endured decades of use. And given how much my kids are on it, it is often in my viewfinder, as well. In a few weeks, we will probably be saying goodbye to this trusty, rusty, climbing, swinging companion and upgrading to something much sturdier, safer and better located for our backyard use. In the meantime, I’ll happily continue to capture a few more images of a childhood summer.

I am currently considering a return to the daily photo routine. I quickly flipped through my July-Dec daily pictures from 2013 last week and felt a familiar tug toward the practice. I have captured so few images this year. So, while I figure out whether or not I am going to follow through and do this, I am doing it. If in the end I continue, I’ll have started again July 1st. If not, I have some nice images from mid-summer.