Now you see them. Now you don’t.

frontbushesWe pulled out the front bushes this week. I can’t quite decide if it makes the front of the house look better or worse. You certainly have a better view of all that needs to be fixed and painted. On the other hand, they didn’t really fit and as a mama of two little ones, the blocked view drove me crazy. If my kids are going to sprint around the sidewalks and driveway, I want to be able to see them. Baby steps. We’ll probably hold off on re-landscaping until later this fall or next spring.


Little by little…

Lya_April2013-1Lya in the April morning light. I’m finally starting to sort some April pictures.

I keep thinking that I’ll start posting something about this house. We have mostly unpacked ourselves and spend a lot of time dreaming and planning about what will happen later this summer. I FINALLY got some of our before pictures together…but not in a way I’d upload to the blog yet.

This morning we woke and switched two of our main 1st floor rooms to see if the set up feels and works better. I think it might. Meanwhile, it is all still wood paneling and doesn’t have the furniture we need and so it all still feels temporary. This summer we’re hoping to renovate the kitchen, laundry/mudroom, dining room, and den/family room. That makes it really hard to settle in a way that feels like home. But deciding what each space is used for will help us in determining which openings are created and which openings are closed when we start the real work.

In an effort to share something, here is an exterior shot. That will all change this summer, too. In addition to structural work on the front and side porch, we’ll be painting the whole thing. Any color ideas for a tudor home? We’re open to suggestions and ideas. Between the old linoleum floors, panelled walls, yellow brick exterior, etc….we’re leaning away from anything brown or yellow these days. đŸ˜‰

Grattan_BeforePics-1And just for fun. Here is a picture of the wallpaper in our downstairs half-bath. It is already gone, but still kind of fun to look at.